Engine Diagnostics in Maidenhead

The modern motor car is stacked with technological advancements and, to perform car repairs in the current age, garages in Maidenhead and all other parts of the country have to include engine diagnostics amongst their garage services if they are to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. Keen & Eager are proud to be at the forefront of engine management thanks to frequent investment into diagnostic equipment.


While we remain as one of the local garages which is truly independent, engine diagnostics and auto electrical garages services are undertaken at our Maidenhead workshop using the same technology used my big-name dealerships. Our equipment is also endorsed by major garages and organisations, ensuring our car repairs meet defining industry standards.


If you live in Maidenhead and drive a vehicle purchased in the last few years, it’s almost certain that engine diagnostics can be used to identify the sub-system faults which result in dashboard warning lights and poor performance. While dealership garages tend to be more expensive for engine management work, Keen & Eager work hard to maintain value for local and regional road users. This is reflected in the cost of diagnostics at our popular workshop.

Engine Diagnostics and Sub-System Fault-Finding

Prior to undertaking car repairs when a dashboard warning light is displayed, garages plug advanced code reading equipment into the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of your vehicle. This process is called engine diagnostics, and it is one of many garage services we offer to motorists in Maidenhead and all surrounding locations in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. The equipment we use scans for stored fault codes in your ECU.


The results of engine diagnostics are interpreted so that garages throughout Maidenhead and the UK can make an accurate assessment of what’s wrong with your vehicle, and it also helps the technician in recommending any car repairs you might need. Understandably, the process makes fault-finding much faster and this subsequently lower the cost of more traditional garage services where mechanical troubleshooting procedures had to be used.


Once engine diagnostics and the following car repairs have been completed, the dashboard warning system is reset. While manual methods are still used to provide more recognisable garages services for our Maidenhead customers, such as part replacements and the fitting of new tyres, engine diagnostics rely heavily on the equipment garages like our own use.


If you have an engine management light on display or think your vehicle may be in need of car repairs, call in to see us for a diagnostic check today. We’re waiting to help you and will always be happy to give you more information on engine management procedures. A full supporting range of garage services is available at our Maidenhead workshop.

Customers in Maidenhead with dashboard warning lights can call 01628 828175 to discuss engine diagnostics and car repairs with one of our skilled technicians.

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